Hotel "Kapteiņu osta"

Address:Pērnavas 49a, Kuiviži, (Salacgrīva)
Phone:+371 29390312
The "Kapteiņu osta" recreation complex is right on the seafront. read more ››

Holiday house "Randu klēts"

Address:Atlantijas iela 22, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 26385663
Holiday house "Randu Klēts" is a house with a past, pampered and designed, where the ancient meets the modern. read more ››

Motel "Kuivižkrogs"

Address:Pērnavas iela 58, Kuiviži, (Salacgrīva)
Phone:+371 25609898
Motel "Kuivižkrogs" is located 4 kilometres from Salacgrīva town. read more ››

Apartments "Grīva"

Address:Pērnavas iela 15, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 26133511
Apartment "Grīva" is located in Salacgrīva.

Guest house "Roķi"

Address:Jaunā iela 6, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 29218952
A historic fisherman's house, fully restored and made to modern requirements, preserving the good aura of the old house and the evidence of the times. read more ››

Family house apartments

Address:Meža iela 9, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 20052898, +371 25527059
Family House apartments are located in Salacgrīva, close to the beautiful Salaca River. read more ››

Apartment in Bocmaņa Square

Address:Bocmaņa laukums 2, Salacgrīva
Apartment in the centre of Salacgrīva - Bocmaņu square. read more ››

Apartments in Bocmaņa Square

Address:Bocmaņa laukums 2A, Salacgrīva
Apartments in the centre of Salacgrīva - Bocmaņa square. read more ››

Camping "Milleri"

Address:Pērnavas 35C, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 29120001, +37129120023, +37126121484
Camping "Milleri" is located in Salacgrīva, 250 metres from the sandy Baltic Sea. read more ››

Family house rooms

Address:Smiltenes iela 10, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 20052898, +371 25527059
Family house rooms are located in Salacgrīva, just 100 metres from the beautiful Salaca River. read more ››

Floating house with sauna "Palikt niedrēs"

Address:Pērnavas iela 49 A, Kuiviži, (Salacgrīva)
Phone:+371 26169653
The holiday home is located on the water, so this will be a special overnight stay experience. read more ››

Holiday house "Liedegas"

Address:"Liedegas", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27 527 551
Holiday house "Liedegas" is 52 steps from the beach. The holiday house is set in a 90-year-old log cabin that originally served as a net house for coastal fishermen. read more ››

Holiday house "Rudzīši"

Address:"Jāņkalni", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 28668899, +371 26446186
Holiday house "Rudzīši is located an hour's drive from Rīga, and 3 kilometres from Salacgrīva. The distance to the sea is 1.5 km. read more ››

Svētupe Manor Complex

Address: "Svētupes muiža", Svētciems
Phone:+371 29364022
Svētupe Manor is located in the Latvian seaside village of Svētciems, 97 km from the Latvian capital Rīga and just 1.5 km from the Baltic Sea coast. read more ››

Water tourism recreation area in Salacgrīva

Recreation area by the Salaca River in Salacgrīva - picnic tables, fireplace and shelter available. read more ››
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