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Points of interest in Limbaži

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Museum of Living Silver
Address:Limbaži, Burtnieku iela 4 (vecais rātsnams)
GPS:lon:57.515142; lat:24.713598
Phone:+371 29356858; 29434435; E-mail:
Charges:7 EUR
Working hours:1-7: 10.00-18.00 (V-VIII)
6-7: 10-18 (IX-IV), in other time by prior appointment

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Old firefighter's depot
Address: Torņa iela 3
GPS:lon:57.514749; lat:24.714046
Phone: +371 64070632
Web:; E-mail:
Charges:0,20 LVL/0,40 LVL
0,28 EUR /0,57 EUR
Working hours:In the season Mon. - Sun. 10.00 AM - 18.00 PM
The building was constructed in the second half of the 19th century in forms characteristic to the historisme period, including the brick style. The original stairs have been preserved in all storeys of the tower, but with a considerable steepness. The comparatively hard climb and the glazed floors exaggerate the extreme sensations. The small windows of the fifth storey (semi-storey) opens to views of the central part of the old-town.

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Transfiguration of Christ Orthodox Church
Address: Klostera iela 8
GPS:lon:57.515076; lat:24.717533
Phone:+371 64023538
The magnificent church was constructed in 1900 to 1903 in the Neo-Byzantine style according to a three section design. It was formed in the territory of Livonian period monastery. The largest orthodox church in Vidzeme outside Riga.

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Limbaži Evangelical Lutheran Church
Address: Lībiešu iela 2
GPS:lon:57.515249; lat:24.715608
Phone: +371 29430665
Working hours:1-7: 8-21 (V-IX)
The masonry church buildin was funded by the Riga City Council and built in 1679 - 1680,according to the building master's R.Bindenšu desing. The building suffered fires several times. The church interior houses art works of different styles - pulpit-altar, pulpit, etc. Open for visitors daily during the season ( May - September ). Amonument to th Freedom Fights of Latvia stands in tne church garden.

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Pils (Castle) street
GPS:lon:57° 30´ 55.796; lat:24° 42´ 45.688
A forge owned by blacksmith I. Šķilters was located here at the beginning of the 20th century. His artistic forgings are still present on the facades of previously constructed houses.

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Wall Paintings in the “Old-Town Hall
Address: Burtnieku iela 4, Limbaži
GPS:lon:57.515142; lat:24.713598
Phone: +371 64070632; E-mail:
The building was constructed in the second half of the 18th century and was owned by the merchant Braunschweig. In the middle of the 19th century, it was bought by the Limbaži City Council. The Art Deco style finish was renovated in the staircase, but the mansard storey halls were renovated with elements of late rococo style.

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Monument to Composer and Author of the Latvia National Anthem Kārlis Baumanis
GPS:lon:57.514230; lat:24.715712
Located at the intersection of Dailes Street and Cēsu Street. The bronze monument was unveiled in 1998 (by sculptors Z. Rapa and J. Rapa).

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Limbaži City Museum
Address:Burtnieku iela 7, Limbaži
GPS:lon:57.515769; lat:24.713840
Phone:+371 64070632; E-mail:
Charges:0,40 LVL/0,60 LVL
0,57 EUR /0,85 EUR
Working hours:2-7: 10-18 (V-IX)
2-6: 10-17 (X-IV)
Historical exhibition and exhibition halls have been created in the new castle of the Riga City Council – the building of the castle manor house supervisor constructed at the beginning of the 19th century.

Admission fee: grown-ups 0.60 Ls, pensioners 0.30 Ls, preschool children - free entrance. café

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Limbaži Medieval Castle Ruins and Panorama Tower
Address:Burtnieku iela 7, Limbaži
GPS:lon:57.515999; lat:24.713535
Phone:+371 64070632
Charges:0,28 EUR
0,20 LVL
The construction of the castle was started in the first half of the 13th century. From the 15th to the 16th century it had been the residence of Riga’s archbishop. The castle was destroyed during the wars in the 17th and the 18th centuries. Renovation works of the castle ruins were started in 1999. The panorama tower was constructed instead of the castle “gate tower”. A spring flows down the castle mound on the North hillside.

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Limbaži Lakeshore of Lielezers
GPS:lon:57.503240; lat:24.702765
Phone:+ 371 26142812
The narrow, 4,3 km long lake before was called Svētezers (Sacred lake). It was the final section in the Svētupe-Limbaži waterway, which was used by barges. Stories tell that the bells of the luteran church were drowned in the lake. There is afacilitated beach, a children’s playground, boat and water cycle rental, sports grounds and a pontoon dock. steam bath, swimming, boats (7), paddle boats (10), fishing, sports ground, children's play square, nature trail, access for disabled

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The Theatre house and Unity park
Address:Parka iela 7, Limbaži
GPS:lon:57.512127; lat:24.713694
Phone:+371 29107644
Opened in 1892. A platform was once located here and theatre performances given. Sculptures presented to the city by sculptor K. Baumanis are displayed in the park. The Theatre House is also located here, home of the Auseklis Limbaži Folk Theatre. The statue “Kissers” is displayed the Theatre House (by sculptor O. Šilova).

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Ģildes (Guild) Street
GPS:lon:57.513791; lat:24.713235
Formed in the 14th century. Lined with buildings at the end of the 18th century and in the 19th century. The house where clairvoyant Eugene Finks once lived is located on this street. The guide, leading a walk around the town also will show, where was a prison on the Ģilde street.

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Catholic Church
Address: Kr.Barona iela 2
GPS:lon:57.517899; lat:24.719376
Phone: +371 26770138
Built in 1996 ( architects I.Jekele and D. Straubergs ). The first Catholic Church in latvia newly-built after the restoration of Latvia's independence.

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Nature Trail of Lielezers Lake
GPS:lon:57.503740; lat:24.702023
Charges:For free
Working hours:Is available all day
3.6 km long nature trail with ponton bridge, a bird watching tower is build. Near the rail is situated well equipped beach, boat rent, angling, sports fields and playgrounds are available.

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Mūra (Masonry) Street
GPS:lon:57.513313; lat:24.712757
The ruins of the former city fortification walls can be viewed on this street.

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