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Tourist Information Centres

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Limbaži County Tourism Information Centre

Address:Torņa iela 3, Limbaži, Latvija, LV-4001
GPS: lat: 57.514756474688895; lon: 24.714099231636578
The most multifunctional and extensive tourist information center (TIC) of Limbažu district is located in the heart of the city of Limbaži, in the building of the Old fire station. It offers free consultations, informative materials and free WiFi. It is also possible to arrange IMPRO trips in the tourism center.

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Salacgrīva Tourism Information Centre

Address:Rīgas iela 10A, Salacgrīva, Latvija, LV 4033
GPS: lat: 57.75240112507778; lon: 24.355937222740895
In the tourist information center of Salacgrīva, you will get information about the towns of Salacgrīva, Ainaži, as well as other nearby or further destinations, both in the Limbaži district and in further or closer corners of Latvia. In the tourist center you can find out information about objects that will help you feel the spirit of the seaside - from lighthouses to jetties, up to learning the basics of seafaring. There they will help you with various tourist issues that arise while traveling. The tourism center also offers various informative materials about various tourist attractions both in Limbažu county and in other parts of the world. You can buy various souvenirs in the tourist center.

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Staicele Tourism Information Centre

Address:Lielā iela 13, Staicele, Latvija, LV-4043
GPS: lat: 57.835820187682884; lon: 24.74803809677252
Staicele tourist information center is located in Staicele, whose main symbol is the stork. It offers information about recreation and tourism opportunities in Limbaži county, Latvia and elsewhere in the world. There you can find information about accommodation, tent sites, fishing, boating. Travel advice is available to help you plan your travel time as best as possible. Brochures, maps, guides and other informational materials can be found in the tourist center. At the Tourism information center you can buy souvenirs with the Staicele city logo and others. For those interested, we also offer guide services for a tour of Aloja, Staicele and its surroundings - in Latvian - 23.00 EUR per hour, in foreign languages - 28.00 EUR per hour.

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Ainaži Tourism Information Point

Address:Valdemāra iela 50A, Ainaži, Latvija, LV-4035
GPS: lat: 57.86208789809913; lon: 24.35760885999321
The Ainaži tourism information point can be found in Ainaži, a town bordering Latvia's neighboring country Estonia. At the tourist information point, you will be able to get information about the various tourist attractions both on the Ainaži side and elsewhere in the region and further destinations in Latvia. There it is possible to get answers to various questions that have arisen in connection with tourism. At the tourist point, you will be able to get various informative materials about tourist attractions. You can also buy various souvenirs at the Ainažu tourist information point, which will be a great gift for everyone.

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Multifunctional Skulte Center

Address:Edgara Liepiņa iela 2, Skulte, Skultes pagasts, Latvija, LV-4025
GPS: lat: 57.33035969599769; lon: 24.441519828209557
Municipal and library services are available in the Skulte Multifunctional Center in Skulte parish. It is possible to receive tourism-related information, as well as organize seminars, meetings and small cultural events.
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