Silver museum

Address:Limbaži, Burtnieku iela 4 (Vecais rātsnams)
Phone:+371 29356858

Bīriņi castle

Address:Bīriņu Pils, Bīriņi, Vidrižu pag., Limbažu nov.
Phone:+37129244927 / LV, RU; +371 29416661 / EN
The dwelling house of the manor house owners, constructed in 1860. The building is surrounded by a romantic and beautiful setting, formed by a facilitated park, lakes and manor house buildings. A hotel and a restaurant are located in the castle. The spacious halls of the castle are suitable for wedding celebrations, parties and seminars. A tavern is located in the water mill. read more ››

Mini ZOO "Priedītes"

Address:"Priedītes", Katvaru pagasts, Limbažu novads
Phone:+371 29287290

Limbažu viduslaiku pilsdrupas un skatu tornis

Address: Burtnieku iela 7, Limbaži
Phone: +371 29479172

Limbažu muzejs

Address: Burtnieku iela 7, Limbaži
Phone: 64070632

Lielezera dabas taka

Phone: 64070608

Piemineklis komponistam Baumaņu Kārlim

Address:Dailes un Cēsu ielas stūris, Limbaži
Located at the intersection of Dailes Street and Cēsu Street. The bronze monument was unveiled in 1998 (by sculptors Z. Rapa and J. Rapa). read more ››

Old firefighter's depot

Address: Torņa iela 3, Limbaži
Phone: +371 64070632
The building was constructed in the second half of the 19th century in forms characteristic to the historisme period, including the brick style. The original stairs have been preserved in all storeys of the tower, but with a considerable steepness. The comparatively hard climb and the glazed floors exaggerate the extreme sensations. The small windows of the fifth storey (semi-storey) opens to views of the central part of the old-town. read more ››

Katvari manor park

Address: Katvaru pag., Katvari

Salaca river rafting tour

Address:Dzirnavu iela 20, Staicele, Limbažu novads
Phone:+371 29190741

"Dune House"

Address:Krasta iela 16, Tūja, Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+371 22422433
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