Apartment "Jūrmāja"

The house epitomises the sea - it was built by a family of captains and shipbuilders in the early 20th century. The house is proud of the maritime heritage of their time - wooden floors and windows, old bread ovens and wood-burning stoves, sagging ceilings and stories of the captains.
Apartments "Jūrmāja" are located in Ainaži, 700 metres from Ainaži Beach. There are 6 rooms in the apartments, each with its own name - "Klejotājs", "Zvejnieks", "Jūrnieks", "Mākslinieks", "Rakstnieks" and "Dārznieks". Up to 28 guests can be accommodated in total. 
There are relaxation area in accommodation . Guest rooms have a private bathroom, hairdryer and bed linen.
There is a garden, a children's playground and free private parking. 
A sauna and hot tub are available at an extra cost.
Lauku iela 1, Ainaži, Ainažu pagasts
lat: 57.868158; lon: 24.361989


Ainaži Lighthouse

Address:Valdemāra iela 35A, Ainaži
In Ainaži there were once three lighthouses, but nowadays only the third one remains, which still works and shows the way to the sailors. read more ››

Ainaži Naval School Museum

Address:K.Valdemāra iela 47, Ainaži
Phone:+371 64 043 349
The compact and idyllic town of Ainaži is the cradle of Latvian seafaring. In the very centre of the cradle is now the Ainaži Maritime School Museum, a witness to the glory of the old Latvian seafaring. read more ››

Veide Castle

Address:Valdemāra iela 45, Ainaži
Veide Castle was built in 1902. It was built by a ship owner and captain Mārtiņš Veide -representative of the most influential family of Ainaži town at that time. The building today is one of the most visible in Ainaži.

Ainaži border post

Address:Valdemāra iela, Ainaži
It is quite common to cross the Latvian-Estonian border near Ainaži. For some good drivers, it passes by without even noticing, just see how the road signs change from Latvian into another language. But have you ever crossed this border by the old Ainaži road, going straight through the centre of Ainaži, which suddenly turns into a country road on the west coast of Estonia? read more ››

Firefighting Museum

Address:Valdemāra iela 69, Ainaži
Phone:+371 29213784
The museum was opened on 15 December 1991, when the firefighters celebrated their 65th anniversary. read more ››
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