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Hiking routes and nature trails

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The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route

GPS: lat: 57.368107; lon: 24.400892
The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route is a long distance hiking route, part of E9. The E9 route starts at Cape St.Vincent in Portugal and ends in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
In terms of landscapes and views, the most multifaceted section of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route in Latvia, which includes both sandy and rocky beach, coastal meadows, reeds, dunes, sandstone outcrops, forests, capes and small coves, fishing villages, pubs, estuaries of small rivers. The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route winds through Carnikava, Saulkrasti, Zvejniekciems, Salacgrīva and Ainaži. It traverses small streams that you can wade across in the summer.
In this section of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route you will find the estuaries of the Gauja River and the Salaca River which can be bypassed via bridges. Carnikava and Salacgrīva are famous for lampreys, which are cooked according to special recipes used by the local fishermen. In Dunte, you can visit the museum of the famous teller of tall tales, Baron Munchausen. Randu Meadows is a notable migratory and nesting site for birds. Shortly before reaching Estonia, the itinerary takes forest trails to pass around the coast overgrown in grass and reeds.

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Nature Trail of Lielezers Lake

GPS: lat: 57.503567271992885; lon: 24.70216372533049
3.6 km long nature trail with ponton bridge, a bird watching tower is build. Near the rail is situated well equipped beach, boat rent, angling, sports fields and playgrounds are available.
Piedāvā: picnick area, swimming, boats (2), paddle boats (5), fishing, bicycles (5), skiing equipment rental, sports ground, children's play square, nature trail, access for disabled

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Address:Limbažu pagasts, "Priedītes"
GPS: lat: 57.502433; lon: 24.580347
Piedāvā: place for tents, picnick area, swimming, boats (1), fishing, nature trail

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Katvari manor park

Address: Katvaru pag., Katvari
GPS: lat: 57.558513672917414; lon: 24.799713624521317
Piedāvā: picnick area, swimming, nature trail

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Ķirbiži Nature educational center

Address: Viļķenes pag., Ķirbiži
GPS: lat: 57.651224; lon: 24.489630
In the 18th - 19th century built Ķirbiži manor complex barn - crop - oast, from 1989. runs the only forest museum in Northern Latvia, which in 2009. was renamed as Ķirbiži Nature educational center.
Piedāvā: nature trail, tour guide services

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Niedrāju-Pilkas Swamp

Address:Pāles pag.
GPS: lat: 57.740209; lon: 24.640188
A classic moss swamp, in which a relaxing swamp trail has been created with a bird watch-platform. Services of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve

Piedāvā: nature trail
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