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Stones, archaeological sites

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Viļķene bowl-stone
Address: Viļķenes pag., Viļķene
The first and only sacrificial stone discovered in Vidzeme so far.

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The Big Lauči stone
Address: Skultes pag.
GPS:lon:57.367002; lat:24.402324
Phone: 64065423
More than 2 m high and about 70 ton heavy sea stone, also called ''The king of the stones''. Washed out from the sea in 1853.

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The Small Lauči stone
Address: Skultes pag.
GPS:lon:57.367002; lat:24.402324
Is located about 150 m from the Big Lauči stone in Riga direction, in the seashore. Its height - 2m, girt - 9,6m.
This stone also is a tenable state-importance nature object.

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"Lauči Zeichen-Stein"
Address: Skultes pag.
GPS:lon:57.367002; lat:24.402324
It can be found between the Big and Small Lauči stones, at the edge of a little stream. Sometimes after larger storms this rock is covered with sand.

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Lieplejas Idol oaks
Address: Umurgas pag., netālu no "Liepleju" mājām
An old place of worship. They are visible from across the pond from the church side. Originally there were 6 oaks, now there are 4. In Soviet times the Idol oaks were renamed as A. Pumpura oaks.
Size of the oaks: 4,30; 4,10; 4,0; 4,65

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Swedish wall
Address: Umurgas pag.

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Kaķu hole-stone
Address: Vidrižu pag.,ap 140 m no Aģes upes labā krasta pļavas vidū, uz „Kaķu” mājai piederošās zemes.
Cult stone. The most mysterious cult stones are stones with holes. They can be found almost everywhere in the world. Scientists value the age of these stones even to many thousands of years. There are at least 30 hypotheses why people have made holes in the stones. It is believed that these stones are associated with the cult of the spirits of the dead, others believe that in the stones is pictured the position of the stars, that these have been sacrificial places and so on.

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