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Craftmen workshops

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Ingrīda Žagata Ceramics Workshop ''Cepļi''
Address:Skultes pag.
GPS:lon:57.399764; lat:24.433343
Phone: +371 29234867
Web:www.cepli.lv; E-mail: cepli@tvnet.lv
Charges:1,00 EUR pupils, pensioners
2,00 EUR grown-ups
The workshop of a traditional pottery master. If you would like to participate in an educational demonstration, apply for a visit to the workshop. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to become a pottery master yourself.

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ZUGU happiness and success miraculous ceramics
Address: "Zelmeņi", Skultes pag.
GPS:lon:57° 23´ 58.500; lat:24° 26´ 0.060
Phone: +371 29783447
Web:http://www.zuguart.com/; E-mail: podkopiba@gmail.com
At Vidzeme potter’s A. Preiss’ workshop “Zelmeņi” in Skulte parish, you have the opportunity to see the creation of pottery, to view the exhibition and to purchase the pottery and enjoy the fireplace and open fire brick-kiln in nice weather. picnick area

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Blacksmith workshop and blacksmith Affairs Museum
Address:Vidriži, Vidrižu pag.
Phone: +371 29462999
Web:www.kalumi.viss.lv; E-mail: kaspars.auza@inbox.lv
Latvian Crafts camera forgemaster, Country creation master. After customer wishes - for pubs, bath houses, salons, farms produces: fireplace tools, shutters, outdoor lamps, garden chariots.

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Stump drums from farm "Dzirnupes"
Address:Viļķenes pag., Dzirnupes
GPS:lon:57.613942; lat:24.678934
Phone:+371 26408465
Charges:Overnight barn: € 35/2 pers. (d / n)
Extra bed for children up to 12 years old: 10 EUR / pers. (d / n)
Bath night stays (up to 4 pers.): 20 EUR

Sauna evening (up to 4 pers.): 40 EUR
Sauna evening - every next person: 8 EUR
Opportunity to take part in country homestead chores, to learn the gathering process of herbal teas, to enjoy a real country sauna and view ancient household tools. The forge house is scheduled to be opened at the beginning of the season.

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