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Parks and trees

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Katvari manor park
Address: Katvaru pag., Katvari
GPS:lon:57.557690; lat:24.799952
At the manor, on the lakeside, was made a beautiful regular style Italian park with specialy made terraces. The park clings to the Katvari lake, which is 1 km long and about 5 m deep. Now the manor park is in total area of 22 ha and with 25 exotic tree species.

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Ķaukuļi ravine
Address: Katvaru pag., Tiegaži
A picturesque region with a deep ravine, where a little lake was set up. Here at the edge of the ravine stood the
Ķaukuļi house, which once belonged to the Drieliņi manor tenant Rikveilis.

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Ārciems manor park
Address: Pāles pag., Ārciems.
Ārciema park was planted during the period from 1902 to 1914. This is one of the newest manor parks in Latvia.

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Nabe manor park
Address: Limbažu pag., Lādezers
Phone:64022288; 64022231
Nabe in 14th has been mentioned as the archbishop's castle, from which only the tower has remained. Later in 17th century a monastery was located there. Beneath it the new manor castle was built. Nabe manor in the 19th century belonged to fon Siversi family. The park is 2,8 ha big.

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Plantage mit Sibirischen Zedern in Nabe
Address: Limbažu pag., Lādezers.
Phone:64022288; 64022231
0,15 ha area. This is a state protected dendrological plantation in the Northern Vidzeme biosphere preservation. The cedars have been planted in the 20th century twenties.

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Hain Maija
Address: Pāles pag.
It is located on the right bank of Svētupe river - 1,6 ha total area. In the spring of 1935. at the former Pāle parish house, which was built in the beginning of the 20th century, in the Forest days pupils together with the protectors planted a birch, linden and oak grove, which was later named as the grove of 15th May. Later is was renamed simply the May grove. In Soviet times it was called the Youth park.

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Skulte manor park
Address: Skultes pag.
GPS:lon:57.372606; lat:24.496287
Phone: +371 29546818, +371 29633393
In the manor territory is a 7 ha big park with hundred-year old linden, oak and ash tree alleys. There is also a small canal with a romantic bridge.

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Ozolkalnu oak
Address: Limbažu pag., Lādezers.
It is located by the Ozolkalnu house in a meadow. Its trunk girt is 6,6 m and this oak is also included in the cultural-hisorical reference trail ''Lādezers''

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Vidriži castle park
Address: Vidrižu pag., Vidriži.
The park is located on a steep northwest - north shore. At the east side of the castle is a stone - reinforced terrace, of which reveals a view to the Lēdurga road. In the west side of the park the regular planning has preserved.

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