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Parks and trees

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Katvari manor park
Address: Katvaru pag., Katvari
GPS:lon:57.557690; lat:24.799952
At the manor, on the lakeside, was made a beautiful regular style Italian park with specialy made terraces. The park clings to the Katvari lake, which is 1 km long and about 5 m deep. Now the manor park is in total area of 22 ha and with 25 exotic tree species.

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Plantage mit Sibirischen Zedern in Nabe
Address: Limbažu pag., Lādezers.
Phone:64022288; 64022231
0,15 ha area. This is a state protected dendrological plantation in the Northern Vidzeme biosphere preservation. The cedars have been planted in the 20th century twenties.

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Skulte manor park
Address: Skultes pag.
GPS:lon:57.372606; lat:24.496287
Phone: +371 29546818, +371 29633393
Web: www.skultesmuiza.lv
In the manor territory is a 7 ha big park with hundred-year old linden, oak and ash tree alleys. There is also a small canal with a romantic bridge.

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