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 Vidzeme Coastline 2018

Vidzeme Coastline (.pdf)
 Limbaži Town map
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 Vidzeme Coastline Tourist map

From Gauja to Salaca with the historical testimony entwined in the Hanseatic town of Limbaži, following the Livs' footsteps all the way to the Latvian-Estonian border city Ainaži – you're a welcome guest at the Vidzeme coastline! We offer you a chance to discover Latvia anew through the culturally historic and natural heritage of the Vidzeme coastline. 
Along the Vidzeme coastline everybody can find something of interest and appeal. 

Map published by: Aloja, Carnikava, Limbazi, Salacgriva and Saulkrasti Municipalities (Vidzeme Coast cluster) 2015

Cartography, design: Jāņa sēta Map Publishers ltd,

Text and photo: Ainaži, Aloja, Carnikava, Limbaži, Salacgrīva and Saulkrasti TIC

Cover photo: Nils Smelteris

Paperback map available in Vidzeme tourism information centres!

 Dowload the map here (.pdf)

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