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The Most Extensive Open Air Exhibition of Herbal Plants in Vidzeme, Application of the Plants, Physiotherapy. “Sautlāči” Farm.
Address:"Lādes Avotiņi", Limbažu pagasts
Phone:+371 29479172
Charges:2 EUR
Working hours:Advance registration.
“The green chemists” of Latvia’s nature – more than 300 different plants.

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Džona Brauna wine
Address:„Jokas”, Limbažu pagasts
GPS:lon:57°24’23.9’’; lat:24°43’59’’
Phone:+371 29132456; E-mail:
Charges:3 Eur/pers.
Working hours:Book your excursion, by calling the listed phone number or by e-mail

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Lavander fields- Lillas lavender
Address:Mazķītas, Umurgas pagasts, Limbažu novads
GPS:lon:57.4700424; lat:24.8920635
Phone:+371 26 447 888; E-mail:
Working hours:10-19
Relaxing activity for recreation and photo shoots, absolute fragrance and serenity. It is possible to see the lavender fields during the summer, preferably- after the summer solstice up to middle of August.

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Mini ZOO "Bērzkalni''
Address:Limbažu pag., Bērzkalni
GPS:lon:57.427564; lat:24.705599
Phone: +371 27400350; E-mail:
Charges:3 EUR adults, 2 EUR childrenL, discounts for groups.
Horse back riding - 1,50 EUR for circle in the farm (max 40 kg)
24 species of hens can be viewed at the household (including very rare species as well), pheasants, pigeons and peacocks. Thoroughbred rabbits and also giant rabbits. Especially nice and sweet are the mini Shetland ponies. Recreation area – fireplace, table, benches.

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Farm "Reķi"
Address:Katvaru pag., Reķi
GPS:lon:57.601228; lat:24.793383
Phone:+371 29430161
Working hours:Advance registration
Integrated fruit-growing farm with a 8,3 ha big apple orchard, more than 20 apple varietes, 8000 appletrees. A big fruit repository, apple and juice realization in the farm or delivery. A view of the farm, consultations in apple-growing, tours and trips in the garden with apple-carriages.

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Chinchilla display at ''Sautlāči'' farm
Address:Vidrižu pag., Sautlāči
GPS:lon:57° 21´ 42.032; lat:24° 41´ 40.112
Phone:+371 26792029
Charges:2 EUR
Working hours:Advance registration
All about the origin of chinchillas, the opportunity to view and pet the little critters, it is possible to also view quails.

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Biological farm "Ezermalas"
Address: Skultes pag., Ezermalas
GPS:lon:57.400320; lat:24.503506
Phone:+371 26423054
Working hours:Advance registration
In the environmental health farm it is possible to purchase herbal tea, tools for the bath house and fragrant herbs.

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Laugas swamp- farm "Gundegas"
Address: Vidrižu pag., Gundegas
GPS:lon:57.266131; lat:24.690150
Phone:+371 26128457; 26485589,; E-mail:
Charges:Visitation 1,42 EUR L, for groups - with arrangement.
Working hours:Advance registration
A new research farm – research, development of new technologies, (innovation) production and cultivation of biologically active substances and products, in-field tests for large-size cranberry cultivation in Latvia, gardening – cultivation of Japanese quince, black currants, sea buckthorns, ashberries, chokeberries and viburnums. Product tasting available.

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Farm "Zivtiņas"
Address: Katvaru pag., Zivtiņas
Phone:+371 26559605, +371 21631544
Fish breeding, realization, angling. Consultations can be given about fish breeding and fish pond making.

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Environment health farm „Cērpi”.
Address: Skultes pag., Cērpi
Phone: +371 29527291; 64065401
Web:; E-mail:
Working hours:Advance registration
A certified healer and reiki specialist offers lectures and advice in bath-house healing, vulnerary plant gathering and using, healing reiki sessions as well as lectures and seminars about the importance of healthy lifestyle and the national healing traditions. For a limited number of visitors.

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