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The museum of the poets Bārdas family „Rumbiņi”.
Address: Katvaru pag., Rumbiņi
GPS:lon:57.600544; lat:24.889341
Phone:+371 26329315
Web:www.rumbini.lv; E-mail: rumbini@limbazi.lv
Charges:1,42 EUR - grown-ups; 0,71 EUR -pupils, pensioners;
Guide services: 2,85 EUR for groups; 1,42 EUR families.
Working hours:Working hours: 1.05. - 1.11. Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., Sun. from 10 AM - 18 PM, all other days - a previous notification.
In the winter period the summer exhibition is closed, te rest of the exhibition can be viewed after a previous notification.
The museum introduces the history of the Bārdas family and lets visitors experience the atmosphere of an ancient Vidzeme country homestead.

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A. and M. Andrusi collection of etnographical tools
Address:Vidrižu pag., Melngaiļi
GPS:lon:57.371576; lat:24.683664
Phone: +371 29320222
Working hours:Advance booking
Exhibition is displayed at the former magazine building next to the E. Melngailis memorial building. Please book visits in advance.

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Pāle parish district museum
Address: Pāles pag., Kalnakrogs
GPS:lon:57.705938; lat:24.654306
Phone: +371 28724310
Working hours:During season 1st May-1st October opened Mon.-Sat. 11am-4pm
In off season- Mon.-Sat. 11am-3 pm
The exhibition reflects the history of Pāle parish and its surrounding area. This is the only museum in Latvia where information is available about the history of Vidzeme’s Livs.

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Ķirbiži Nature educational center
Address: Viļķenes pag., Ķirbiži
GPS:lon:57.651055; lat:24.491392
Phone: +371 29288916
Charges:Grown-ups - 0,85 EUR ,
Family with minor children - 0,43 EUR ,
Pupils and students - 0,30 Ls
Pre-school children, politicaly repressed and disabled people - for free.
Working hours:Tue.-Sat. - 10.00 AM - 16.00 PM, Sun.,Mon. - closed
In the 18th - 19th century built Ķirbiži manor complex barn - crop - oast, from 1989. runs the only forest museum in Northern Latvia, which in 2009. was renamed as Ķirbiži Nature educational center. nature trail, tour guide services

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