Svētupe lamprey weir

The lamprey fishery in Svētupe river runs from 1 August to 1 February. When the river freezes completely, the owners not only have to take care of the abalone where they can put in and take out their traps, but also take care that the ice does not break up the supports of the weir and destroy it.
A lamprey weir is a specially designed footbridge made of spruce poles that are fastened together without screws or nails. Nowadays, screws are also used for fastening. The supports are driven into the riverbed with a hammer - a heavy sledgehammer - so it is not said to build, but to drive a beam into the riverbed. A 30-40 cm wide plank deck or walkway is built on top of the river to allow the traps to be easily sunk into the water. Small pots are commonly used for lamprey fishing in the Svētupe river and are suitable for daily insertion and retrieval while standing on the gangway. The traps are placed in the river in the evening after dark and removed at first light, with an hourly check of the catch.
Salacgrīvas pagasts
lat: 57.685564; lon: 24.360251


Hiking "Svētciems - Ainaži" (Day 30 of Baltic Coastal Hiking)

The beach between Svētciems and Salacgrīva is heavily overgrown, so Baltic Coastal Hiking follows a forest road that winds between the dune ramparts. read more ››

Holiday house "Vējavas"

Address:"Vējavas", Svētciems, Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 26463252
Holiday house "Vējavas" is a former fisherman's farmhouse with its own cultural history, aura and charm. The cottages have been restored to their authentic style. read more ››

Holiday house "Kosīši"

Address:„Kosīši”, Svētciems, Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 29 479 426
The guest house and holiday houses are located in Svētciems, next to the Vidzeme seaside. read more ››

Bicycle rental "Kosīši"

Address:"Kosīši”, Svētciems, Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 29 479 426
Our bike rental offers 5 bikes suitable for sandy roads. They are well suited to the surface of the 101 route cycle path, which is sandy in some places and covered with tree roots in others. read more ››

Lāņi Manor

Address:Vecmuižas iela 1, Lāņi, Salacgrīvas pagasts
In 1872 the Lāndhof (Lāndhof) manor farm was separated from Svētciems manor. In the same year, the manor house of Lāņi Manor was completed and until 1940 was owned by Baron Reinhard von Fegezak, an agronomist by qualification. The Lāņi Manor House was also called a hunting lodge, because of the hunting trips of the lords from abroad - Germany, Italy. read more ››
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