Riding School "Dūjas"

The Dūjas Riding School teaches everything about and around horses on a daily basis and regularly trains on the riding field.
They organise various rides and take part in small competitions.
Every day we teach everything about and around horses. We regularly train on the riding field, organise rides and take part in small competitions.
Another area close to our hearts is charity. With our horses we have already visited old people's homes, an orphanage and a nursing home, we take part in various events (Limbaži town festival, Liepupe parish festival, Tūja market) and give lectures in Latvian and German about our great journey.
Another interesting topic is the development of information materials for riders and horse owners, which we produce ourselves and make available free of charge on the internet, such as warning signs for horse pastures, information for car drivers when they encounter a horse trailer on the road, information on the correct equipment for riding in the dark. Our information material is always well received and even published in Germany.
Quite often we also offer our horses free of charge for photo shoots, both for private events and for professional photographers.
"Lejasvilnīši", Liepupes pagasts, Limbažu novads
lat: 57.502641; lon: 24.500233
+371 29479486

Meža salu ponds

Phone:+371 29122133

Tourism and recreation complex Meža salas

Address: Limbažu pag.
Phone: +371 29122133
Guests are offered the hotel "Meža Salas'' with a fireplace room and a small 3* hotel. In the holiday camping offered are ''Holiday house'', ''Sauna festivity house'' and other festivity places. read more ››

DUDU coin minting

Address:"Dārznieki", Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+371 25149545
Come to the "DUDU ligzdas" to mint a copper or aluminium coin with Latvian insignia or the "DUDU ligzdas" symbol. read more ››

Bicycle rental "DUDU ligzdas"

Address:"Dārznieki", Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+371 25149545
"DUDU ligzdas" offers special and comfortable bicycles for rent, for trips along the sea or, following the bicycle routes, on the county roads. read more ››

DUDU open-air forge

Address:"Dārznieki", Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+371 25149545
Heating iron, forging hot metal and making specific objects, seems like something ancient and forgotten? The open-air forge of the "DUDU ligzdas" will allow you to experience the ritual of forging and forge your first nail. read more ››
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