Ķurmrags Lighthouse

Ķurmrags Lighthouse is located in Ķurmragciems, on the Cape of Ķurmrags Land. Ķurmrags is the most significant cape on the Vidzeme coast of the Gulf of Riga.
The Ķurmraga lighthouse was built in 1923-1924, 20 metres from the sea coast, according to the requirements of several seafarers submitted to the Maritime Department. The lighthouse is 13,9 m high and consists of stonework at the bottom of the lighthouse, surmounted by a Swedish-made metal lighthouse hull. The lighthouse was visible at intervals of 0,5 seconds during daylight and 2,5 seconds during night-time, and was visible at a distance of 10 nautical miles (1 852 m) during its operation. In 1967, during a storm, the lighthouse was blown ashore and its fire was extinguished. 
Since the light was extinguished, the lighthouse has been on the move - around the 1980s the lighthouse was in the middle of a landslide and by now it has 'travelled' a few metres seawards of the coastal slope. The lighthouse is located at the very top of the Ķurmrags and can be seen from afar. 
It is worth visiting the Ķurmrags lighthouse now - knowing that it has been on the move for the last 50 years, it is likely that this wandering lighthouse will not stop there.

To reach and see the Ķurmraga Lighthouse, you have to walk along the coast. 
You can leave your car at one of the locations below:
* At the campsite "Klintis" paid parking lot;
*One of the free parking lots in Vitrupe;
*A free car park in Oltūži, off the A1;
*On the Tūja side, in the paid car parks of the "Krimalnieki" and "Jūrasdzeņi" campsites.
Liepupes pagasts
lat: 57.541501; lon: 24.362912


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