Veczemju cliffs

You must have heard of the Vidzeme rocky seashore - a 12-kilometre stretch of coastline where sandstone outcrops can be seen on the sea shore.
Here, sandstone rocks formed 350-380 million years ago, during the Devonian period, are on view. Coastal shoals with boulder mounds and crags also extend far out in the sea. There is a well-equipped campsite near the cliffs where you can relax and enjoy the closeness to nature.

P.S. If you are travelling by car and want to drive to the Veczemju Cliffs, there is a paid parking lot. If you are up for a short walk, you can park your car for free in one of the parking lots in Vitrupe and walk along the beach to reach Veczemju Cliffs after 6.7 km, or park it in the free parking lot in Oltūži near the A1 road and reach Veczemju Cliffs after only 4.7 km.
lat: 57.587241; lon: 24.369569


Restaurant "Rankuļrags"

Address:"Klintis", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 25701610
The restaurant will make sure you have a delicious meal, warm up with a hot drink and enjoy a good Lavazza coffee! read more ››

Camping "Klintis"

Address:"Klintis", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27852476
Camping "Klintis" is located right by the sea, next to the beautiful Veczemju Cliffs. read more ››

Bicycle rental "Klintis"

Address:"Klintis", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 27852476
Kempings "Klintis" has thought of you, active recreation enthusiast, by offering bicycle rental. Why not go for a thrilling ride with friends or alone along the stony Vidzeme seaside or in the enchanting silence of the forest. read more ››

Bicycle rental "Bērziņi"

Address:"Bērziņi 1", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 29 425 352
Guest house "Bērziņi" offers bicycles for rent, for a beautiful and unforgettable ride along Vidzeme's stony seaside. read more ››

Guest house "Bērziņi"

Address:"Bērziņi 1", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 29425352
Guest house "Bērziņi" is cosily furnished and suitable for relaxation at any time of the year in the nature reserve "Vidzeme stony sea". read more ››
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