Camping/Guest house Lauču akmens

We offer you rest on the seaside, beach, lodging for night (comfortable rooms and accommodations, apartments, camping houses), trailer parking lot, car park, bath, cafe, organizing celebrations, serving the tables, children’s playground. In our camping you will enjoy relaxing in fresh air at the sea, taking walks and taking delight in the picturesque sceneries of Vidzeme beach.
Address: Skultes parish
Phone: +371 64065423, +371 26350536

Rooms: 10
Beds: 26
Room for festivities: 50 pers.
Room for seminars: 50 pers.
Tourists can cook by themselves
It is possible to take pets with you
Children playground, sports area, tent places, trailer lot.
Skultes pag., Limbažu nov.,
lat: 57.370792; lon: 24.444923


Guest house "Ēvelbeņķi"

Address:Skultes pag.
Phone:+371 26552626

Environment health farm „Cērpi”

Address:Cērpi, Skultes pag., Limbažu nov.,
Phone: +371 29527291; 64065401
A certified healer and reiki master offers lectures and advice on sauna healing, the collection and use of medicinal herbs, reiki healing sessions, as well as lectures and seminars on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and folk healing traditions. read more ››

Market in Skulte

Address:Dūči 2 (25,41 km), Skultes pagasts, Limbažu novads
Phone:+371 26525513

Ingrida Žagata's ceramic workshop "Cepļi"

Address:"Cepļi", Skultes pagasts, Limbažu novads
Phone:+371 29234867

Potter Arnis Preiss

Address: "Zelmeņi", Skultes pag.
Phone: +371 29783447
At Vidzeme potter’s A. Preiss’ workshop “Zelmeņi” in Skulte parish, you have the opportunity to see the creation of pottery, to view the exhibition and to purchase the pottery and enjoy the fireplace and open fire brick-kiln in nice weather. read more ››
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