The Lamprey fishing trade and Lamprey weir

Only in Salacgrīva is the weir, a unique fishing technique with a centuries-long history, still used for lamprey fishing today.
The first Salaca lamprey trap is a special footbridge from which lamprey traps are dipped into the river and fishing takes place. Every year, before the season starts in August, the fishermen rebuild the trail using ancient methods, using spruce timber that has been prepared for several years. No nails or screws are used to fasten the whole structure - only ties. In summer, the river is both pleasant and romantic, but in autumn and winter, lamprey fishing is a struggle to preserve the fishing grounds, as the trail, destroyed by the elements, can only be rebuilt the following summer.
The lamprey trail is open to the public from mid-July until the beginning of February.
Tour groups are accepted (from August to October). On offer: meet the master lamprey fisherman, learn about lamprey fishing decades ago and today, see traps and other working tools, watch a film about lamprey fishing and taste freshly baked lamprey.
A total of 3 lamprey weirs are being built on the Salaca River, and one on the river Svētupe.
Meldru iela 18, Salacgrīva
lat: 57.753779; lon: 24.374834

+371 29268299
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Group tours require prior reservation.

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