Recreation complex "Muižuļi"

Address:"Muižuļi", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 26885917
Recreation complex in Limbaži municipality - Vitrupe - 150m from the sea coast. read more ››

Recreation site Jumpravmuiža

Address:Limbažu nov., Limbažu pag., „Jumpravmuiža”
Phone:+371 64000825, 26302213, 26487188

Apartment "Kica krogs"

Address:Valdemāra iela 40, Ainaži
Phone:+371 29343086
Apartment "Kica krogs" is located in Ainaži, 700 metres from Ainaži Beach. read more ››

Holiday house "Jaunkursieši"

Address:Jaunkursieši, Skultes pag., Limbažu nov.,
Phone:+371 26820355

Brewery apartments

Address:“Lemizar”, Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+371 20225556
Premium fully equipped apartments with a special design style, located next to the A1 motorway Riga-Tallina, 56 km, surrounded by forest, in the territory of Lembuži brewery. Distance to the sea 2,5km. read more ››

Guest house "Bērziņi"

Address:"Bērziņi 1", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 29425352
Guest house "Bērziņi" is cosily furnished and suitable for relaxation at any time of the year in the nature reserve "Vidzeme stony sea". read more ››

Guest house "Mežupes"

Address:"Mežupes", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 29216888; +371 29167638
Guest House "Mežupes" is located near the bus stop "Oltuži", on the A1 Highway, on the way to Veczemju Cliffs. read more ››

Guest house "Roķi"

Address:Jaunā iela 6, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 29218952
A historic fisherman's house, fully restored and made to modern requirements, preserving the good aura of the old house and the evidence of the times. read more ››

Relaxation place "Bruņķīši"

Address:"Bruņķīši", Limbažu pag., Limbažu nov.,
Phone: +371 29379572
Relaxation in a bath house at the lake Bruņķītis. Boat rent, fishing, places for tents and camp fire places. read more ››

Country house "Svētupes"

Address:"Svētupes", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 26555239, +371 64041469
Country house "Svētupes" is one of those places where you can feel the nature, forget about everything and be fascinated from nature. read more ››

Family house apartments

Address:Meža iela 9, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 25527059
Family House apartments are located in Salacgrīva, close to the beautiful Salaca River. read more ››

Guest house "Šmitu viesu nams"

Address:"Šmiti", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 20165758
Guest house "Šmiti" is located in Čūskmuiža, Salacgrīva Parish. read more ››

Guest house "Karle"

Address:"Jūraslīči", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Guest house "Karle" is located in Vitrupe.

Guest house Smēdes

Address: Pāles pag.
Phone: +371 26114495, +371 29188192
4 km from Pāle, at the banks of Svētupe, for relaxation or celebration - guest house with fireplace, kitchen and five bedrooms, a pool and 15 bedplaces in the attic. read more ››

Guest house "Vidrižu Vērkalni"

Address:„ Vēverkalni” Vidriži, Limbažu novads, LV- 4013
Phone:26031540, 64062451

Holiday house Medņi

Address:„Medņi”, Vidrižu pagasts, Limbažu novads
Phone: +371 26565914, +371 26380555

Tent site Skariņas

Address: Limbažu pag., Lāde
Phone: +371 29425074, +371 26395973

Camping "Lāde"

Address:Limbažu pag., Lāde
Phone:+371 29383852

Camping site "Robežnieku dzirnavas"

Address:Šķirstiņi, "Robežnieki", Viļķenes p., Limbažu n., LV-4052
Phone:+371 29411023
Relaxation by the Dzirnavu lake with a camp fire place, possibility to angle, rent a boat, enjoy both wild nature and neat manor park. In the season it is possible to buy fruits and berries. read more ››

Bear manor

Address:Lāči, Pāles pagasts, Limbažu novads ,LV-4001
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