PineCones Workshop

Address:“Sildzeņi”, Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone: +371 26167607
A small timber processing company that strives to combine a fast-paced, modern lifestyle with the peace of nature. The company likes to experiment with different natural materials to make amazing objects and accessories that bring everyone a little closer to nature. read more ››

Poet Ausekli's Bust

Address:Ausekļa iela 1, Aloja
In front of the Aloja Ausekļa Secondary School there is a monument dedicated to poet Auseklis, created by sculptor Marta Lange and installed in 1973. read more ››

Praia Jewelry

Address:Krasta 44-5, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 22402022
Created in Salacgrīva. Praia's face is wooden jewellery with crystals and pearls - brooches and earrings. Various accessories are made: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, spectacle beads, silk hair elastics. Pearls and crystals are mainly used. read more ››

Rīga Street

Address:Rīgas iela, Salacgrīva
Rīgas Street is the only paved street in Salacgrīva and has always played an important role in the social and cultural life of the town and beyond. read more ››

Relaxation place "Bruņķīši"

Address:"Bruņķīši", Limbažu pag., Limbažu nov.,
Phone: +371 29379572
Relaxation in a bath house at the lake Bruņķītis. Boat rent, fishing, places for tents and camp fire places. read more ››

Riebezers lake

Phone:+371 64000825

Rozēni - Staicele Evangelical Lutheran Church

Address:Kalēju iela 3, Staicele
Rozēnu - Staicele Evangelical Lutheran Church was built in 1930. read more ››

Salacgrīva Lighthouse

Address:Ostas iela, Salacgrīva
Salacgrīva Lighthouse is located on the right bank of the Salaca River - a square white tower with a red lantern at the end. Today the lighthouse is no longer in operation. read more ››

Salacgrīva Promenade

The Salaca promenade was created to protect the right bank of the Salaca river from erosion. read more ››

Salacgrīva Yacht Port

Address:Ostas iela 6, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 26377322
The Port of Salacgrīva is the farthest northern port in Latvia - it is located on the NE edge of the Gulf of Rīga at the mouth of the Salaca River, 100 km north of Rīga and 13 km south of the Latvian-Estonian border. read more ››

Shop "Dabas maize"

Address:Vidzemes iela 8, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 26600114
Confectionery from "Dabas maize" are free from e-substances and preservatives. read more ››

Sidraba zieds

Phone:+371 26579182
The machine sewings created by Inese Zmičerevska from Salacgrīva will delight everyone - everyday and on festive occasions. read more ››

Sidrabiņi Meat and Sausage Factory

Address:Tallinas šosejas 55. kilometrā
Phone: +371 26666612
Next to the pub "Sidrabiņi", there is a meat processing factory, which produces its own smoked meat products - smoked breast, smoked chop, marinated and smoked chicken, chicken roll, chicken gyros, pork back chop, homemade sausages etc. read more ››

Slingball: paintball using slings

Address:"Ataugas", Liepupes pagasts
Phone:28 4651 28
A fun and exciting alternative to traditional paintball! read more ››

St. Arsenuis Orthodox Church

Address:K. Valdemāra iela 63, Ainaži
Ortodox Congregation began to function in Ainaži in 1889. read more ››

Staicele foundation monument "Stazele"

Address:Lielā iela 38, Staicele
Located near the cable-stayed bridge over the Salaca River. The monument is dedicated to the legendary Swedish innkeeper and settler Berklund, known as Stazel because of her thin figure. Her name has been Latvianised to Staicele. read more ››


Phone:+371 26027366; +371 22081613
Enjoy the peace of Kuiviži harbour and the beautiful sunsets on a SUP or Stand Up Paddle. read more ››

Svētupe Manor Complex

Address: "Svētupes muiža", Svētciems
Phone:+371 29364022
Svētupe Manor is located in the Latvian seaside village of Svētciems, 97 km from the Latvian capital Rīga and just 1.5 km from the Baltic Sea coast. read more ››

Swimming pool at Ainaži Hospital

Address:Valdemāra 46, Ainaži
Phone:28351451, 64024971
Want to swim but the sun hasn't warmed the sea water enough yet? Sign up and go for a swim in the Ainaži Hospital pool! read more ››

TLMS „Dzilna”

Phone: +371 26576299 un +371 2941412
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