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Country house Lauciņi

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A country house surrounded by forests 9 km from Limbaži, not far from the source of Vitrupīte river and lake Dziļezers and Riebezers complex nature reserve.
For guests in a separate house are rooms for staying overnight, kitchen and a fireplace room.
Piedāvā: lodgings, steam bath, picnick area, boats (1), fishing, horseback riding, sports ground
Available accommodation: 16
Banquet room seats up to: 20
Address:Limbažu pag.
GPS: lat: 57.437097; lon: 24.662762
Phone:+371 29466955, 371+29155502
Web: spidola.lielmane@gmail.lv

Address: Limbaži parish
Phone: +371 29466955, +371 29155502

It is most likely that you will remember the relaxation at ''Lauciņi'' for the particular peace and quiet, where the trees surrounding the house do not allow even for the winds to blow...In the country house there are 9 cozy rooms, WC and shower room, as well as a fully equiped kitchen. Also a joint room with TV and piano.
''Lauciņi'' is a well suited place to organize not so big collective affairs or in small circle of friends celebrate some special festivity.
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