Lielezers lake nature trail

Address:Izveidota Limbažu Lielezera ZA galā, 3.6 kilometru garumā.
Phone:+371 26142812

Lielsalaca Lutheran Church

Address:Baznīcas iela 2a, Salacgrīva
The altar of the church currently houses an oil painting "The Ascension of Christ" by the Limbaži pharmacist K. Gelhar, which was placed on the altar in 1847. The pulpit and some of the benches date from the second half of the 18th century. read more ››

Liepupe Evangelical Lutheran Church

Address:Jelgavkrasti, Liepupes pagasts
Phone:+371 28671264
Liepupe (Pernigele) Church is located in Jelgavkrasti, it was built between 1777 and 1783. read more ››

Lighthouse in Ainaži near the old pier

The lighthouse is located on the shore by the old pier, built in 1925. There used to be a lighthouse fire at the top of the iron frame, but today it is no longer working. read more ››

Lighthouse in the centre of Ainaži

The lighthouse used to be on a wave breaker - it was built in 1926. The tower was 6.4 metres high and the height of the light was 8.1 metres above sea level. read more ››

Limbaži Lielezers lake

Phone:+371 26142812

Limbaži Swimming pool

Address: Jaunatnes iela 4a, Limbaži
Phone:+371 27867128

"Mūrnieki" Stable

Address:"Mūrnieki", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 26119179; +371 26513129
The horses are the main attraction, but you can also see the other pets - rabbits, sheeps and goats (safe for petting, treats and beautiful photos). read more ››

Mazezers lake

Phone:+371 64000825


Phone:+371 26431634
The aim of the association is to promote the development of women's initiative and participation in community activities and entrepreneurship in rural areas. read more ››

Meža salu ponds

Phone:+371 29122133

Memorial stone "White sun"

The memorial stone "The White Sun" was created by sculptor Vilnis Titans as a tribute to Krišjānis Valdemārs - the founder of the Ainaži Maritime School. read more ››

Memorial stone to Janis Asars

Address:Parka iela 12a, Ainaži
The memorial stone to Jānis Asars was unveiled on 7 July 2006 at the 80th anniversary event of the town of Ainaži. read more ››

Monument "Milda"

The memorial is located between Pērnavas and Vilņu streets. read more ››

Monument to the Livs of Vidzeme

Address:Lielā iela 13, Staicele
In July 2004, a sculpture by Zigrīda and Juris Rapa, a boundary stone, a stone boat with a bird for Latvians, Livs and Estonians, was revealed in the centre of Staicele. read more ››

Monument to the citizens of Aloja who died in the Latvian Liberation Fights and in World War I.

Address:"Vecpriesteri", Alojas pagasts
The location of the monument was originally planned to be in the centre of the village of Aloja, at the road junction near the Aloja railway station. The land for this purpose was acquired from the State Land Fund, but its installation was disrupted by the Soviet occupation in 1940 and the Second World War. read more ››

North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve Nature Centre

Address:Rīgas iela 16, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 26329412
At the Nature Centre, visitors have the opportunity to learn theory in an interactive way - through games and laughter - to learn and strengthen their knowledge about specially protected nature areas and our coastline, the Vidzeme Stony Seashore. read more ››

Orthodox Church of the Nativity of Christ

Address:"Vecpriesteri", Alojas pag.
The Orthodox parish in Aloja was founded on 31 August 1846 with the blessing of Bishop Filaret (Gumiļevskis) of Riga, at a time when 700 Lutherans of Aloja joined Orthodoxy between 1845 and 1848. Until 1917 the congregation was registered as the Stakenbergs congregation because it was located in the Stakenbergs manor. read more ››

Our Lady of Refuge Orthodox church in Salacgrīva

Address: Pērnavas iela 12, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 29168461
Built in 1873, its architect is R. Pflūgs, who is also the author of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ or the Orthodox Cathedral in Rīga. read more ››

Picnic area "Baltā saule"

The rest area is located in Ainaži by the sea, next to the "White Sun" monument. read more ››
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