Pop_Up cafe in Svētupe Manor Complex

Address:"Svētupes muiža", Svētciems
Phone:+371 29364022
From Wednesday to Sunday, we offer a delicious and hearty lunch in the manor Pop_Up cafe, while on Saturday evenings, in a special and peaceful atmosphere, we offer the opportunity to enjoy a three-course dinner prepared by the chef of the Manor Pop_Up restaurant, Arni's Grantiņš. read more ››

Produce in Salacgrīva

Address:Zaļā iela 18, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 28813154
The company smokes bacon, pork loin, chops, makes salted bacon with garlic and other delicacies. read more ››

Pub "Urgas krogs"

Address:Urgas dzirnavas, Braslavas pag.
Phone:+371 29284755
Located on the Valmiera - Ainaži road (P 16) between Matiši and Aloja. Housed in an old and renovated mill building. It offers weekend entertainment, tables and party rooms for rent. read more ››

Restaurant "Rankuļrags"

Address:"Klintis", Salacgrīvas pagasts
Phone:+371 25701610
The restaurant will make sure you have a delicious meal, warm up with a hot drink and enjoy a good Lavazza coffee! read more ››

Riverside Smokehouse

Phone:+371 28376600
It offers various types of smoked and cooked chicken, pork and deer meat. The products are smoked with alder wood on the banks of the Salaca River. read more ››


Address:"Ģinēni", Staiceles pag.
Phone:+371 29205367, +371 29100990
Berries are grown on the Ģinēnu farm in Staicele, Latvia. The bush blueberries are carefully tended and gently harvested. read more ››

SIA “EKO DĀRZS” Vidrižos

Address:"Bangas", Vidrižu pagasts
Phone:+371 29181503 ; +371 29226432

Salt'n Pepper

Address:Burtnieku iela 7, Limbaži
Phone:+371 25 565 305
Salt'n Pepper is a street-food type place in Limbaži that offers burgers, pizzas & other delicious dishes. Various refreshing drinks and cocktails are also offered. read more ››

Sea residence Rainis

Address:Vitrupes stāvlaukums, Salacgrīvas pag.
Phone:+371 25445333

Shop "Dabas maize"

Address:Vidzemes iela 8, Salacgrīva
Phone:+371 26600114
Confectionery from "Dabas maize" are free from e-substances and preservatives. read more ››

Sidrabiņi Meat and Sausage Factory

Address:Tallinas šosejas 55. kilometrā
Phone: +371 26666612
Next to the pub "Sidrabiņi", there is a meat processing factory, which produces its own smoked meat products - smoked breast, smoked chop, marinated and smoked chicken, chicken roll, chicken gyros, pork back chop, homemade sausages etc. read more ››

Wood-fired pizza in Aloja

Address: Rīgas iela 5, Aloja
Phone:+371 20009546
Pizza and burgers can be ordered, cooked and delivered to you. read more ››

z/s "Jumpravdzirnavas"

Address:“Jumpravdzirnavas”, Limbažu pagasts
Phone:+371 29288688
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