Kuiviži Yacht port

3 kilometres north of Salacgrīva is the port of Kuiviži.
The creation of Kuiviži harbour is a special story - longing for a harbour of their own, around 1860, 60 Kuiviži residents dredged the mouth of the Krišupīte river with shovels, creating the Kuiviži harbour water basin. Almost like the fairy tale where the beasts dug up the Daugava - true or not, later the mouth of the Krišupīte was just the right depth to accommodate the fishermen's boats.
Today, the port of Kuiviži is no longer shovelled - the way to Kuiviži port is taken by people who love the wind, the waves and the reflection of the sun on the water. Kuiviži port is a perfect place for sailors and yacht lovers, while on the nearby pier local fishermen board their boats in the early hours of the morning to unload their morning catch.
Pērnavas iela 49A, Kuiviži
lat: 57.788136; lon: 24.350426
+371 29390312

Trip on the motorboat "Valhalla"

Address:Pērnavas iela 49A, Salacgrīva (Kuiviži)
Phone:+371 29990001
A boat trip on the Valhalla is a royal and glamorous choice for your special occasion. read more ››

Learn to sail in coastal waters

Address:Pērnavas iela 49A, Salacgrīva
Kuiviži Yacht Club offers sailing lessons for young people in Open skiff and 420 classes. read more ››

Floating house with sauna "Palikt niedrēs"

Address:Pērnavas iela 49 A, Kuiviži, (Salacgrīva)
Phone:+371 26169653
The holiday home is located on the water, so this will be a special overnight stay experience. read more ››

Restaurant "il Capitano"

Address:Pērnavas 49a, Kuiviži (Salacgrīva)
Phone:+371 29390312
If the hectic pace of everyday life makes the time pass by without you noticing, let us help you stop the clock a little by enjoying a meal at our restaurant "Kapteiņu osta". In fine weather, enjoy your meal on the summer terrace, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea and the sunset sets a special mood. read more ››

Hotel "Kapteiņu osta"

Address:Pērnavas 49a, Kuiviži, (Salacgrīva)
Phone:+371 29390312
The "Kapteiņu osta" recreation complex is right on the seafront. read more ››
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