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Tent sites

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Tent site Dziļezers
Address: Limbažu pag.
GPS:lon:57.502094; lat:24.581413
Phone: +371 26179055, +371 26725 875
Web:www.dzilezers.lv; E-mail: dzilezers@inbox.lv
Charges:From 2,85 EURpers./a day, children - for free
Licensed angling (2 Ls for one day licence - from sunset - sunrise), for people to 16 y. is not needed);

Licensed crayfishing (10 Ls licence);
Boat rent (5 ls day or 2 Ls a hour);
Place rent for picnics and relaxation (2 Ls from a people who is older than 10 years)
Transportable bath house (25 Ls a hour) place for tents, swimming, boats (1), fishing

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"Robežnieku dzirnavas"
Address:Šķirstiņi, "Robežnieki", Viļķenes p., Limbažu n., LV-4052
GPS:lon:57.611623; lat:24.666063
Phone:+371 29411023
Charges:By agreement
Relaxation by the Dzirnavu lake with a camp fire place, possibility to angle, rent a boat, enjoy both wild nature and neat manor park. In the season it is possible to buy fruits and berries. place for tents, picnick area, boats (1), fishing

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Tent site Skariņas
Address: Limbažu pag., Lāde
GPS:lon:57.473418; lat:24.610143
Phone: +371 29425074, +371 26395973
Charges:7,11 EUR a tent
lodgings, trailer parking available, place for tents, swimming, boats (1), fishing

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