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Relaxation place Noriņi
Address: Limbažu pag., Ozolaine
Phone: +371 29827007, +371 29487004
Web: www.norini.lv; E-mail: pirtsnorini@inbox.lv
Charges:3 cottages (4-places), price 40 EUR per cottage, 70 - 150 EURfor the large house
Banquet room seats up to:50
Relaxation house with sauna and celebrations hall not far from Limbaži. lodgings, catering (to be booked), kitchen, rooms for seminars (capacity 50), rooms for festivities (capacity 50), TV, steam bath, trailer parking available, place for tents, picnick area, swimming, bicycles (1), cross-country skiing, sports ground, children's play square, access for disabled

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Relaxation place Bruņķīši
Address: Limbažu pag.
GPS:lon:57° 27´ 0.165; lat:24° 37´ 5.317
Phone: +371 29379572
Web: ; E-mail:
Available accommodation:15 matrači, 2 gultas, 1+2 mājas
Banquet room seats up to:20
Relaxation in a bath house at the lake Bruņķītis. Boat rent, fishing, places for tents and camp fire places. lodgings, catering (to be booked), steam bath, place for tents, picnick area, swimming, boats (1), fishing, sports ground

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Address:Viļķenes pag., Ķirbiži
Phone:+371 29109041
Web:www.krogzeme.lv; E-mail: diana@krogzeme.lv
Available accommodation:6 + 3
Banquet room seats up to:20
A bath house where are 6 beds (3 beds can be added), hall for 20 people, sauna, shower, WC. lodgings, steam bath

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