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In Limbaži

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Address:Lauku iela 1, Limbaži

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Address: Limbaži,Rīgas iela 16
GPS: lat: 57.51089; lon: 24.713016
Number of seats - 40
Piedāvā: café

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Address:Rīgas iela 23a, Limbaži
GPS: lat: 57.508195; lon: 24.714086
Piedāvā: café, catering (to be booked)

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Pizzeria "Lauvas pica"

Address: Limbaži, Rīgas iela 8
GPS: lat: 57.513656; lon: 24.715676
"Lauvas pica" offers freshly baked and after original recipes made pizzas, observing an special preparation of the dough, which ensures a constant quality, as well as salad, soups, refreshing drinks, coffee and tea.
Piedāvā: café

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Address: Limbažu pag., "Santes", ceļa Limbaži-Tūja 2. km
GPS: lat: 57.514624; lon: 24.670658
Cafe, bar, seminar organization, setting of party tables to 100 persons.

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Trīs kambari

Address: Limbaži, Baumaņu Kārļa laukums 3
GPS: lat: 57.514279; lon: 24.712415
A pub with all the following consequences - goodly lunch, bar like a good bar, mad parties and other good things.
Piedāvā: restaurant, catering (to be booked), rooms for festivities (capacity 1)

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Address:Limbaži, Jaunā iela 8
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