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Craftsmen workshops

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Stump drums from farm "Dzirnupes"

Address:Viļķenes pag., Dzirnupes
GPS: lat: 57.613710; lon: 24.678876
Opportunity to take part in country homestead chores, to learn the gathering process of herbal teas, to enjoy a real country sauna and view ancient household tools. The forge house is scheduled to be opened at the beginning of the season.
Piedāvā: lodgings, steam bath, picnick area, tour guide services

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Blacksmith workshop and blacksmith Affairs Museum

Address:Vidriži, Vidrižu pag.
GPS: lat: 57.32649582037146; lon: 24.63750841137673
Latvian Crafts camera forgemaster, Country creation master. After customer wishes - for pubs, bath houses, salons, farms produces: fireplace tools, shutters, outdoor lamps, garden chariots.
Piedāvā: tour guide services

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Ingrīda Žagata Ceramics Workshop ''Cepļi''

Address:Skultes pag.
GPS: lat: 57.399761; lon: 24.433293
The workshop of a traditional pottery master. If you would like to participate in an educational demonstration, apply for a visit to the workshop. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to become a pottery master yourself.
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